Kursus MBI

Kursus MBI

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's time to learn about phrases with time

Phrases with time

It is important to use a wide variety of words and phrases in the writings at CPE level. Therefore I have decided to include a vocabulary section in this blog. Here there are some phrases with TIME.

The time is ripe.- It´s the perfect time to do something.

It´s high time to do something.- "It´s high time you stop thinking about your ex and move on with your life".

To be pressed for time.- Meaning to have very little time to do something. "We would have loved to visit the National museum but we were really pressed for time".

To do time.- To spend some time in prison.

To buy time.- To try to gain some extra time.

To be in time/ on time.- To be punctual.

To kill time. To spend time doing something not important while waiting for something else to happen.

For the time being. For a short period of time but not permanently.

To arrive in the nick of time. Just in time.

To have a whale of a time. It means to have a   good time. "We had a whale of a time in Mexico."