Kursus MBI

Kursus MBI

Monday, July 9, 2012

Below is an excerpt from a Health Science textbook, read til the end for a real surprise. =)

"In order to persuade the public to support a particular viewpoint, environmental activists  often exaggerate some risks and downplay others. By using true but misleading statements, practically any substance on earth can be made to sound like a menace to society. For example, consider the following true statements about the chemical dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). 

  • DHMO is a powerful solvent that can corrode many metals. 
  • At high temperatures, DHMO decomposes into explosive gases that can be used as rocket fuels.
  • Chronic exposure to solid DHMO can cause severe tissue damage and gangrene, exposure to the liquid form causes temporary changes in the skin. Contact with DHMO vapors can cause severe burns.
  • Laboratory animals fed large amounts of DHMO exhibit nausea, edema and electrolyte disturbances; only a few grams injected intravenously can be fatal.
  • DHMO is used in the manufacture of pesticides, plastics, and nuclear weapons; it is also used as a general-purpose solvent and coolant in the chemical industry. Many banning industries dump DHMO into the environment. It is often stored near populated areas.
"Based on the above facts, would you think DHMO should be banned? Carefully regulated? Or not regulated at all? 
Actually, banning dihydrogen monoxide would be a grave mistake. Even though all of the above statements are true, human life would be impossible without DHMO-which most people just call water (H2O, DUH). =D

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